Unexpected Beach Trip

Every once in a while Morgin and I decide to get ready early in the morning and just pick a destination in the spur of the moment which was exactly what we did about a month ago but it didn’t quite turn out how we planned it and we ended up in a neat little beach town.

Bad Decision….

So I met Morgin at her house early in the morning and after some quick searches on google we found an island in South Carolina called Kiawah island which seemed like it would be an amazing place to go for a little day trip to the beach. After putting the address in the GPS we were off! It took us about 3 and a half hours to finally make it to the island when we came to what looked like a small toll booth so we drove up to it. Then the woman working at the booth asked if we had our membership card…… Come to find out Kiawah island is a private island and is for members only! I was a little infuriated at the thought that someone could make an entire island private! We ended up having to turn around so we thought we’d go to the next closest island which was ¬†Seabrook island but of course it was yet again a private island. After another failure we found a place to park and started googling yet again but this time we made sure that it was a public island. We came upon a small beach town named Folly Beach that was directly east of Charleston which is where it gets its name. It only took about an extra 20 minutes to get to Folly Beach from where we currently were so we took off. By this time Morgin was hungry and fussing up a storm about it taking too long so I’m hoping and praying this town turns out to be a success.

Great Outcome!

When we finally made it there I got an instant great vibe about the place. There were people hanging out socializing everywhere and there was even a jazz festival! I’m not into jazz but it was cool nonetheless! I was worried about finding a parking spot being there were so many people but we easily found a parking spot that cost us around $5. Not knowing where to eat or what to do we asked the very friendly guy to whom we paid the parking and he pointed us to a couple of places to eat. We decided to eat at a place called Rita’s and man it was good! They had some killer fish tacos and hamburgers! If you go to Folly Beach you need to check it out! After we finished eating we tried to find a path to take us to the beach. We found out they have a pretty huge pier that you can walk down. It was a very relaxing experience. After watching the waves and the fishermen try their luck for about half an hour we decided it was about time to head back. I think its so cool how we intended to go to a specific place but ended up somewhere completely different and still had an amazing time. Don’t forget to like and share! Thanks!


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Written by Ethan Beverley

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