The Art of Dream Suppression

There were some comments on an earlier motivation post I wrote and you requested another  so I thought I’d share one. When your young you come up with these crazy dreams that sometimes are impossible yet you believe you can achieve them anyway, there is no hesitation or second guessing you simply believe you CAN and that’s it period. Then you get a little older and your family, the school system, and some of your friends start to mold you to think in terms of the “real world” and what is possible and what’s not so you bury your dream deep inside you. You finally reach graduation after being molded all this time so you go to college to get a “real” job.Then it finally hits you! the yearning of your dreams to be let loose after all these years but you don’t know where to start.

Every Journey Starts With A Single Step

So you’ve made your choice you finally want to go out and fulfill your dreams? Lets say for the purpose of this blog you want to get in shape. So you spend hours and hours trying to find the perfect routine and the exact diet but you never really get started,  you come up with reasons why you can’t without ever giving it a shot! You get so caught up worrying about what could go wrong that you don’t even stop to think about what could go RIGHT!


I mean think about it if you try to follow your dreams there are only two potential outcomes 1.) you have a setback. I don’t call it a failure because the only true failure is when you decide to quit. You can never completely fail if you JUST KEEP TRYING. Even if you fail 1,000 times you can still make the conscious choice to get back out there and try again and again. Consistence and persistence are the keys to being successful.

The Other Outcome

So the second outcome is your dreams become a reality whether that’s getting in shape, owning your own business, or getting that dream job. Just imagine if you hadn’t taken that first step…There would have been a 0.00% chance of you ever getting what you want in life. So get out there chase your dreams like your life depends on it because it does! The life you want to live is at stake here and you don’t get a do-over at life! Be bold and courageous and never give up!

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Written by Ethan Beverley

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