Cheap Flights? It’s True!

I mentioned in my how to travel cheap post a certain airline named WOW air and I thought I’d make a post specifically for it just because I think it’s such an incredible airline especially for people who don’t have a huge travel budget. You’re probably thinking there has to be a catch like you have to jump through all kinds of hoops but fear not because the cheap flights are real!

About WOW Air

WOW air was started in 2011 by Skuli Mogensen in Iceland and serves 31 destinations across Europe and The United States. They offer flights for a ridiculously low price especially compared to other airlines but they are a smaller airline which means in order to get the best price you need to be flexible with your dates.There are one way flights from the U.S. to Europe for as low as $99 if you book at the right time! The flights are significantly cheaper because they home base in Iceland which is a in between the U.S. and Europe allowing them to use smaller planes to cut costs. They also use an ultra low cost model which means there will be extra costs for carrying a lot of heavy luggage. Don’t let that get you down too much though even with the extra $48 charge you’re still getting an amazing price!

Who Should Fly With WOW Air

WOW air would probably be the best fit for people who really want to travel to Europe or Iceland from the U.S. and don’t really care too much about traveling in style and with all that extra stuff. If you REALLY want to travel they definitely have the best prices but like any budget travel you might have to make some sacrifices. No matter how you get to your destination I promise it will be just as amazing! Another thing, when I was looking at WOW air I noticed a lot of negative comments, but you can’t compare WOW air to let’s say a flight with Delta airlines which seems like a lot of people were doing. WOW air seems to have one main mission and that’s to get you to your destination for the cheapest possible price not so much to make it an amazing flying experience. Still for $99 why not give it a try?

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Written by Ethan Beverley

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