Georgia Canyons ?!?

So a few months back me and my fiance where looking for a place to take a day trip to when I stumbled upon a place called Providence Canyon State Park. For anyone who has been to or lives in Georgia you know that canyon and Georgia don’t usually go together, however in this instance it does! We were skeptical at first thinking that it might end up being some kind on tiny rock face or something insignificant because most of Georgia really is THAT flat.

Let’s Go!

After looking it up we found out they had multiple hiking trails so we had to buy some basic gear and stuff like a backpack, thermos, snacks, and some extra water bottles which I would highly suggest you bring if you go! Don’t forget to also bring some thin clothes and a good pair of tennis shoes.

The next day we woke up really early because from where we live its close to 4 hours away. The trip there was pretty slow because there were no interstates just highways and back roads. I ended up driving the whole way while I let my fiance sleep (I know how sweet). We finally arrived in a little town named Lumpkin which didn’t look like much and that kind of worried me because it looked like most small Georgia towns and not like a place that could be hiding a canyon, but man was I wrong!

When we actually made it to the state park to my surprise the only cost we had to pay was $5.00 for parking and that was all! They also have a visitor center that you can check out but we were so excited to get started we kind of skipped over it. On the map they give you when you pay for the parking you notice there are different hiking trails. One of them is the easiest and they have a hard one as well. The easy trail I think is about 3 miles while the hard one is 7 miles. We decided to go big or go home and take the 7 mile challenge.

It seemed like we had walked forever before we finally started going up in elevation, but the trail was so forested in we couldn’t see anything especially not any canyons until we finally got to the point to where it felt like we couldn’t go any higher and the trees started to get more sparse and low and behold we were face to face with these massive canyons! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They were all different shades of rock and were a lot deeper and wider that I expected for sure.  For the next few minutes while we hiked we had a great view of the canyons.

The trek down wasn’t as bad as the way up. We got a little off track and ended up at the picnic area which is kind of close to the visitors center and we had to walk back to our car. By the way if you want to see the canyons without hiking we figured out you can actually get an amazing view from the picnic area. Feeling exhausted from hiking 7 miles we weren’t particularly thrilled about the drive back home, but the views and getting to spend the day with each other made it all worth it! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to keep up on our travels and our best travel advice!

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Written by Ethan Beverley


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