Trip To Central State Hospital

The other day we decided to take a day trip to a place that seems like it came right out of a horror movie! Milledgeville, Ga hides Central State Hospital the once largest insane asylum in the world holding over 12,000 mentally ill patients. It is rumored that the now abandoned hospital is extremely haunted so we had to go check it out.


Central State Hospital first opened in December 1842 when they admitted their first patient Tillman B. of Bibb county, however he died before the next year due to “maniacal exhaustion”. After their first patient there were many more to follow. The hospital began to grow with over 200 buildings on 2,000 acres of land and including nearly 13,000 patients, Central State Hospital had become the largest insane asylum in the world.These patients were treated by 48 doctors none of them a psychiatrist. Some of these doctors were chosen from the mental wards, yes some of the patients were literally helping run the hospital! With the increasing number of patients (which by the way could be sent to the hospital for any number of reasons if they were deemed “problematic” by the surrounding counties) came more radical methods of treatment along with rumors of abuse and neglect. Some of these treatment methods include locking kids in cages, being forced into a strait jacket, electroshock therapy, and lobotomies. At one point the living conditions at the hospital got so bad that they would do mass electroshock therapy on patients causing them to forget things like abuse and could do so at a nurse’s discretion which confused many patients on whether or not the therapy was a treatment or punishment. Lobotomies were also done at the hospital which in case you don’t know is an extremely risky procedure that can cause permanent damage which it did more often than not. News of these practices eventually got out via local newspapers and which finally lead to its decline in new patients. The hospital officially closed in 1994 though some parts are still in use. Now its nothing but a mass of abandoned buildings and 6 cemeteries filled with more than 30,000 deceased patients.


Seeing the asylum with my own eyes was really something to behold. From the moment we arrived we instantly got an uneasy feeling because everything is just sitting there slowly degrading in silence meanwhile you can’t stop thinking about the horrible things that must have happened to the patients. The hospital was definitely a lot bigger than we expected, it was like a huge ghost town with abandoned buildings everywhere. There was one building that Morgin felt particularly uneasy about and I didn’t really understand why because to me it was one of the less horror movie looking building, but then we saw a sign that told us that the “Green Building” housed patient with disorders such as schizophrenia and if you were sent here you were likely to never leave. The overall experience leaves you speechless and makes you feel sorry for the patients who were forced to endure it. If you’re ever in the area for whatever reason I would definitely advise you to check it out.


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Written by Ethan Beverley

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